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Which is why we only carry the best. Every Bridgestone 5 Star Certified Automotive Service Retailer is guaranteed to have an unmatched selection of top performing Bridgestone tires for cars, trucks and SUVs, from all season and performance tires to winter and run flat tires. The kind of tires that will have any vehicle, from your average sedan to your fastest sports car, riding its best. And our highly trained staff knows each of them inside and out—meeting the high standards of the Bridgestone 5 Star education requirements. After selecting the right tires, our certified automotive technicians take over. 5 Star automotive technicians only use the latest and best tire mounting equipment available to ensure everything goes just right. With technology such as incredibly accurate computer assisted wheel alignment equipment, no auto shop is better suited to handle your tires than we are.

We can handle all of your automotive repair needs.

Yes, we’ve got tires down. We can mount, rotate, balance, align and repair most any tire set with the best of them. But we also know cars from top to bottom. No matter how well a vehicle is built, it will need maintenance and repairs from time to time. Keeping up with your vehicle’s auto repairs and maintenance schedule is important. And we’re just the ones for the job. At each Bridgestone 5 Star Certified Automotive Service Retailer you’ll find top certified automotive technicians and the best tools and technology that exist today. We can handle all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs, from wheel alignments and oil changes to brakes and batteries, for even the best high performance cars on the road. Check out your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and find a 5 Star location today.


Here, cars aren’t the only thing getting the best care.

Bridgestone 5 Star Certified Automotive Service Retailers don’t just go the extra mile. We race past it without so much as a wave goodbye. From the waiting room to the service bay, we take customer and car care to a new level. Every automotive service retailer has gone through a thorough certification process to ensure they meet our high standards for car care excellence. That means top certified automotive technicians, top-of-the-line tools and equipment, an educated sales staff and the best selection of Bridgestone tires around. Each store has automotive technicians who are specially trained in luxury and high-performance vehicles. They understand the special maintenance needs that keep these complex vehicles performing their best, offering tire knowledge and car care service expertise beyond your typical auto shops. Find out more about the high-end vehicles we specialize in on the Vehicles We Service page.

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