From automotive maintenance to auto repairs, we’ve got your car covered.

Yes, we’ve got tires down. We can mount, rotate, balance, align and repair most any tire set with the best of them. But we also know cars from top to bottom. No matter how well a vehicle is built, it will need maintenance and repairs from time to time. Keeping up with your vehicle’s auto repairs and maintenance schedule is important. And we’re just the ones for the job. At each Bridgestone 5 Star Certified Automotive Service Retailer you’ll find top certified automotive technicians and the best tools and technology that exist today. We can handle all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs, from wheel alignments and oil changes to brakes and batteries, for even the best high performance cars on the road. Check out your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and find a 5 Star location today.

Here are a few of our popular services.